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Our slide doors allow you to have lots of glass in the home while minimising on the footprint of the door by creating a simple, elegant and premium sliding door.

Sliding Door Repair

Typically, a sliding door repair in Fort Lauderdale starts with the deterioration of the tire. The tire should be of a high quality since it carries the weight of the sliding door. Sadly, the quality of old door rollers are not that good. As the tire deteriorates, the sliding door track makes direct metal to metal contact with the exposed ball bearing of the sliding door. This hasten the damage which may result to complete sliding door failure. Our team in JDM Sliding Doors specializes in this kind of issues so call us today!

Sliding Door Replacement

Usually people won't hesitate on getting their garage door serviced. They often forget to give attention to the impossible-to-open creaking sliding door. Usually, sliding door needs replacement when the rollers of carriages are damaged due to the weight of the door they carry. Putting lubricant sometimes is not enough for smooth gliding. Get your old damaged sliding door replaced swifting like new again. Message us to get free estimates on your next project.

Sliding Door Installation

Sliding doors have various brands and model in which each has different performance. For instance, others have a stay-open feature. There's always a need to ask for an expert to choose the best sliding door to your home or commercial space. Incorrect unit will not only give you a headache in terms of design but also results to waste of time and money. For more information about sliding door installation in Fort Lauderdale, call us at (954) 283-8692. Our team will contact you straight away for your sliding door installation dream.

Sliding Door Services

You already have your sliding door installed at your home but only to realize that the door appears to be bouncing. This may be due to the deteriorated track. Same with improperly installed door. Instead of enjoying the indoor-outdoor feature of your home for a long time, not giving attention to these problems even minor ones will give you stress sooner or later. Don't wait until it completely fails. JDM Sliding Doors also offer other services like fixing tracks or complete maintenance of the unit. Let's discuss what you need during our call.

Impact Windows

Impact windows is a must-have if you want to protect your home from strong winds since it's capable of withstanding up to 2oo miles per hour but may depend on the quality and built of the window. Shield your property from this force of nature — choose hurricane proof windows. Most brands are also durable even from corrosion. Installing impact windows is a great investment that will last for a long time. Contact us for more details about impact windows in Fort Lauderdale.

Sliding doors, always a stylish way of opening up your home.

Creating a seamless and environmentally friendly sliding doors system may not be an easy task, but we make it seems so – we just do it.

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Sliding Door Installation

At JDM Sliding Doors, framed and frameless systems can be designed to perfectly complement our clients’ requirements. With a choice between internal and external handles, various colours of glass and the option for screens as well as extra panels, we ensure that our clients get a door that’s up to their exact specifications.

Our sliding doors allow you to have lots of glass in the home while minimizing on the footprint of the door by creating a simple, elegant and premium sliding door.

“JDM Sliding Doors is a family-owned business that offers a full-range sliding door services including sliding door repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance. We also offer impact window installation around the area of Fort Lauderdale. Call us today!”

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The JDM sliding doors are crafted from the finest wood which makes your home look stylish and elegant. Our technicians install each component individually to ensure they fit together perfectly.

If you’re looking for a bit of a different design and are tired of the same old look, we have just the thing that might do the job. Sliding doors could be what could offer you with a seamless finish to your living space, providing you with style without the hassle. Contact us on the phone number provided and our team will get in touch with you shortly.

“When you’re looking for a sliding door to complement the beauty of your home or office, you need to look no further. We offer a full selection of contemporary sliding doors that will truly make an aesthetic statement in any environment and complement any decor style.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your most commonly asked sliding door repair and installation questions.

The most common sliding door repairs are domestic timber, glass and aluminum sliding door repairs. The only issue with sliding door repairs is that sometimes the correct parts can be difficult to get because some were built very long time ago. So we carry a vast range of door rollers & window rollers with carriages in our vans so that we can complete a sliding door repair in minimum time.

It’s not always possible to repair sliding doors if the rot or corrosion is too bad. In these cases, replacement may be the only option. The JDM experts is able (and happy!) to help our clients decide if repair or replacement is best for their situation and then do what is necessary.

Problems with doors are common in every home and commercial building. The issue could be that the door is not opening and closing properly or it could be that the door no longer has any hardware at all. Either way,a professional will probably give you much better results than doing a DIY fix.

If you have concerns about your sliding door then get in touch with the experts. JDM Sliding Doors will help you decide the best way forward and whether your door can be repaired or if you may need a replacement.

Approximately 2-3 hours depending on the sliding door problem.

It usually starts with the removal of the side panel, the door itself, then the bottom rail of the sliding door. The damaged rollers and carriages is pulled out next.

Before installing the new parts, the bottom rail is cleaned first. It is then followed by choosing the correct rollers and carriage sizes. The remaining parts are then carefully refitted to the right places and new fasteners are used when necessary.

Yes, we can tint the glass as per request. This is often discussed during the call and quote generation.

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