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Our sliding doors allow you to have lots of glass in the home while minimizing on the footprint of the door by creating a simple, elegant and premium sliding door.

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Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Chelsea, Harlem, Long Island, Brownsville, Williamsburg & more.

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Sliding Door Repair

Expert technicians fix sliding doors for smooth, hassle-free functionality.

impact window installation

Impact Windows

Experienced specialists that are able to install, repair, and replace Impact Windows.

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Sliding Door Replacement

Experts replace sliding doors when you want to upgrade, or don't want to repair your old one.

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Sliding Door Services

Sliding Door Services that include maintenance, repair, replacement, and installation.

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Sliding Door Installation

Skilled professionals ensure flawless sliding door installations with expertise and precision.

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Pocket Doors

Pocket Door Repair & Services near you. We repair, replace and install new ones.

Sliding doors, always a stylish way of opening up your home.

Creating a seamless and environmentally friendly sliding doors system may not be an easy task, but we make it seems so – we just do it.

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We offer our professional sliding door repair services all over New York!

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The Perfect Solutions for Sliding Doors & Windows

We at JDM Sliding Doors are experts in offering our New York customers sliding door solutions that exactly match their individual needs. We will ensure that your sliding door is repaired to perfection.

When we replace parts we make sure to upgrade you to the perfect design. We’ve adapted to the needs of our New York customers, guaranteeing that they receive a door that is both beautiful and practical. Our sliding doors are also made to maximize natural light in your home while reducing the door’s physical footprint, resulting in a simple, elegant, and quality design.

Trust JDM for all things repairs/replacements.

“At JDM Sliding Doors, we work hard to offer our customers sliding door solutions of the highest caliber that are both useful and aesthetically beautiful. Your new door will improve the appearance of your home or office area in addition to being robust and useful. Call us right away!”

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Sliding Doors Perfectly Engineered

Bring The Outdoors In —
Sliding Door/Window/Glass Repairs

At JDM Sliding Doors, perfection is a must. And when we are in your home all of our technicians are professionaly trained to make sure everything from the first step is clean & effective. We make sure to get you affordable prices & better services. You should never have to repair your sliding doors again for decades.

Best part about JDM Sliding Doors, is every service is guaranteed & serviced by trained professionals. Every part we use is highly durable and of good quality, so don’t have to worry about something messing up every month. We’re here to make things last.

“JDM Sliding Doors is a family-owned business that offers a full-range sliding door services including sliding door repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance. We also offer impact window installation around the area of New York. Call us today!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your most commonly asked sliding door repair and installation questions.

The most common sliding door repairs are domestic timber, glass and aluminum sliding door repairs. The only issue with sliding door repairs is that sometimes the correct parts can be difficult to get because some were built very long time ago. So we carry a vast range of door rollers & window rollers with carriages in our vans so that we can complete a sliding door repair in minimum time.

It’s not always possible to repair sliding doors if the rot or corrosion is too bad. In these cases, replacement may be the only option. The JDM experts is able (and happy!) to help our clients decide if repair or replacement is best for their situation and then do what is necessary.

Problems with doors are common in every home and commercial building. The issue could be that the door is not opening and closing properly or it could be that the door no longer has any hardware at all. Either way,a professional will probably give you much better results than doing a DIY fix.

If you have concerns about your sliding door then get in touch with the experts. JDM Sliding Doors will help you decide the best way forward and whether your door can be repaired or if you may need a replacement.

Approximately 2-3 hours depending on the sliding door problem.

It usually starts with the removal of the side panel, the door itself, then the bottom rail of the sliding door. The damaged rollers and carriages is pulled out next.

Before installing the new parts, the bottom rail is cleaned first. It is then followed by choosing the correct rollers and carriage sizes. The remaining parts are then carefully refitted to the right places and new fasteners are used when necessary.

Yes, we can tint the glass as per request. This is often discussed during the call and quote generation.

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